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Honoring & Supporting



Serving Active Duty Military, Veterans, First Responders and Their Families

About Us

We believe all Defenders can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world. And with your support we can ensure they are honored. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Is to positively impact the lives of 100+ million military veterans, first responders and their families through our work with partner organizations. As well as our charitable giving to these organizations. Our joint missions include caring for spouses and children of the Fallen including Military and First Responder families, supporting Military spouses and children when there is a deployment, providing homes for the homeless veterans and first responders, and supporting mental health, and physical fitness programs for our Nation's Heroes. 

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Our Mission

Defenders Gateway Support

Foundation is a not for profit foundation

dedicated to strengthening and

empowering the lives of Active Military, Veterans, First Responders and their

Families, through a National Network of resources that includes nonprofit organizations, mental health initiatives, job listings, listings of businesses, and Individuals that support Our Nation's Defenders.

Our Motto

"Leave those who serve(d)our country better than we found them."

Our Why

"Video Testimonial and Story"

Core Values

Faith - Family - Freedom 

We Need Your Support Today!

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